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What is BrainTap therapy?

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In a world where stress and mental clutter are the norm rather than the exception, it’s more important than ever to find ways to relax your mind and improve your focus. The revolutionary BrainTap app & headset offers a quick and easy escape from the daily chaos to deliver mental serenity in just minutes.

BrainTap is a unique audio-visual brainwave entrainment device that delivers the best of the best in relaxation, meditation and peak performance. The headset and visor combine an extensive array of technologies to create a perfect symmetry of light and sound frequencies for optimal brainwave synchronization.

The visor uses LED technology BrainTap Articles to dose your eyes and ears with various frequencies, causing your brain to produce balanced brain waves for an optimal state of calm and a feeling of serenity. Its holographic music brings an exciting new experience to the world of brainwave entrainment, going beyond binaural beats and visualization with pulsing lights and a more immersive, virtual reality-like experience.

During guided meditation sessions, BrainTap guides your mind from an awake, reactionary state into an intuitive, creative state, and then into a place where super-learning and healing can occur. This results in a heightened state of consciousness with crystal clear focus. This is what makes BrainTap uniquely effective compared to visualization systems that only require you to imagine visual images in your mind.

One of the most significant features of BrainTap is that it helps increase cerebral blood flow (CBF) and promotes a healthier, more relaxed brain. The increased CBF helps counteract the effects of aging, reduces anxiety and depression, and supports improved cognitive function. Additionally, it reduces the negative self-talk that many of us engage in that often leads to emotional instability and irrational behaviors.

This calming effect of BrainTap, combined with its ability to eliminate the stress hormone cortisol, has a profound impact on the body and can lead to a more balanced approach to life. The result is a greater sense of control and wellbeing, allowing you to better prioritize your day-to-day needs, resulting in more efficient time management. This enhanced productivity allows you to achieve your goals and dreams faster than ever before. It also helps you communicate with your family and friends more effectively, reducing tensions and building strong relationships that last.

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